About Us

Vichaar & Prem is not just our brand name, it's our commitment to create art with two basic ingredients: (1) good thoughts and (2) love. 

Our art pays tribute to our Indian heritage. Indian culture has been a cornerstone in our upbringing and the source of values that have shaped us. The name Vichaar & Prem signifies what we're trying to spread: "good thoughts and love". It's our way of making something as old and traditional as our Indian culture be seen as fun and relatable.


Our Story

When we moved across the country, away from our family and friends, into our tiny 1-bedroom in the Bay Area, we knew we needed to decorate in order to make it feel like 'home'. We wanted pieces that spoke to our culture, but matched the modern, clean aesthetic we were going for. With nothing fitting the bill, we spent the 2019 holiday season brainstorming, sketching, and painting a series of memes on mini-canvases. From those paintings came the inspiration for the meme-ified Mahabharata series, and the ideas just kept flowing from there.

We're grateful that our modern take on Indian culture has struck a chord with so many of you. It's nice to know we weren't the only ones searching for something like this, and we're excited to keep spreading "vichaar and prem" with you. 


Who are we?

We are Varun and Radhika, the husband-wife duo behind the brand. We started Vichaar & Prem as a way to release our creative energy and have fun with our Indian heritage. Some information about us:

  1. We are big culture-nerds and are still learning more about our Indian culture each day.
  2. Both of us were born and raised in New Jersey, but now live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  3. We are a two-person operation, working in our free time.
  4. Varun is the artist, but Radhika is essential to the creativity. Varun has ideas, but Radhika turns them into good ideas.
  5. The most rewarding thing for us is to have the chance to interact with you. So feel free to drop us a message!